Prophix Version 12 Web Client Release Notes

Winter 2019 (Update 9) (Build

March 2019

Release notes describe the enhancements and bug fixes contained in new releases and maintenance releases.

For the Prophix Smart Client release notes, see the Smart Client help.

For system requirements, see the Prophix Installation and Configuration Guide.

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Updating the Web Client

 New!    To run the Prophix Web Client with Prophix Version 12 Update 9 or later, it is necessary to install the Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server (for 64-bit environments). You can download the driver from Microsoft.

To run the Prophix Web Client with Prophix Version 12 Update 3 or later, it is necessary to update the Prophix Tenant database.

For instructions on updating the Prophix Web Client, see the Prophix Installation and Configuration Guide, Section 5: Upgrading.

Planned End of support for Internet Explorer 11

On March 11, 2019, Prophix announced it will remove support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) effective December 31, 2019.

If you are currently using IE 11, we recommend switching to Edge or another modern browser such as Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is the best choice if a Microsoft browser must be used at your organization.

After the End of Support date, functionality in Prophix may not work in IE11, and no minor bugs or cosmetic issues will be fixed for IE11.

Why is Prophix removing support for IE11?

Microsoft released the Edge browser as a replacement for IE11 in 2015 as part of it's Windows 10 operating system. As a result, IE11 no longer receives major updates, and lacks many technical features to support modern web applications. IE11 is considered a legacy browser, with much slower JavaScript and rendering performance than modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Prophix strives to deliver products that meet our customers’ needs. The increasing gap between IE11 and all other browsers has meant that we must expend considerable effort to avoid and fix defects that only appear in IE11. It limits our technology choices and ability to deliver the reliability and functionality our customers expect.

What's new

The newest features in Prophix are as follows.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Announcements Studio


  • Using the Object History feature, administrators can now track the changes made to users, roles, and groups in Security Manager.

Dashboard Studio

  • In chart tiles, the series limit has been increased from 12 to 26 for column, bar, line, and combo charts (for pie and funnel charts the limit remains at seven).
  • Dashboard charts animation has been removed.
  • The color palettes for charts have been revised and the number of colors in a palette has been increased from 9 to 12.

Data Connector

  • Previously, all administrators and advanced users could see source data in certain previews. An additional layer of data security has been added to the Preview option to restrict access to source data.

Detailed Planning Manager

  • You can now duplicate an existing scenario in order to re-use its resources and some or all of its features, including actions and attribute values.

Detailed Planning Schedules

  • Schedules now support the Windows Clipboard. When you Copy data inside an external application such as Excel, you can Paste the data into a schedule.

Document Explorer

  • Your preferred settings, such as list view/tile view, sort direction, and column selection, are now automatically saved between sessions.

Drill Across Designer

Process Manager

  • The Export Dimension process can be used to extract a dimension and save it to a file or database.

Prophix for Office 365

  • Prophix for Office 365 Excel is now available. To learn more, contact your Prophix Customer Account Manager.

Report Binder

Template Studio

  • You can now add charts to your templates.
  • Designers can set the default for Auto Refresh for a data-entry template.


Resolved issues

Note that the current build is always cumulative: it contains all previous patches.

Released in build Ticket number Area Description 66446 DP Schedules If there are no objects in a schedule and a new object is added, the format of the Total row is incorrect. 66601 DP Schedules A user with only partial access to the Organization dimension was unable to save when entering data to a schedule in a workflow. 70227 DP Schedules The calculation columns ignored changes made to the Start Period and End Period attributes. 69604 DP Schedules If a calculation's first or second column contained a single-member named set, when the schedule was saved an "Invalid Data" message appeared. 80575 DP Schedules Saving a schedule to Excel changed the value in a Date attribute. 65445 DPM When Posting to a finance cube, no records were posted if the Time dimension mapping used similar leaf members. 67839, 64633, 56168 DPM When a DP Import Process failed because DPM was locked, Process Manager displayed a misleading error message instead of the normal error message for this situation. 71101 DPM If a Lookup calculation referenced items in a List attribute and the items were deleted, errors occurred. 80690 DPM Duplicating a calculation that was referenced by other calculations caused the references to switch to the new calculation. 66921 Model Manager Time dimension members were created with an incorrect Start Date. 68018 Model Manager Dimension changes were not retained after publishing. 70373 Model Manager Changes made to the Account dimension were not visible after running the Publish process. 67908, 68874 Model Manager If the Default member was set to a member other than All, running the Update Cube process reset the Default member to All. 80262 Model Manager Editing a parent member's Key and then saving resulted in an error and the inability to re-open the dimension. 70679 Model Manager Publishing changed the display format of a custom member property of type Date. 80934 Model Manager After selecting the GET DATA method for a shared dimension, in Source Cube Members, instead of Current Member, Not Defined appeared. 80776, 88021 Model Manager Changing the time zone changed the Start Date and End Date in the Time dimension. 62723 Template Studio Negative and positive percentage (%) symbols were not lining up. 70829, 80619 Template Studio If a cell contained a formula and the cell's formatting was set to Percentage, the cell value appeared as NaN. 80624 Template Studio When editing a formula, Undo did not work correctly. 61180 Templates Enabling the Exclude missing rows option hid the chart. 64596 Templates Italic format was not applied to a cell if the cell had conditional formatting that specified italic format. 70411 Templates Could not paste a negative number if the target cell formatting was set to Accounting. 67814 Templates Pasting to a range of cells only pasted to the first cell of the selection. 80818 Templates Launching a linked template that included Row Notes from a dashboard caused the error An item with the same key has already been added using Linked Template in Dashboards. 66901, 69157 Process Manager A scheduled process could not be deleted if the user who created it had been removed from Prophix. 67842 Process Manager In Procedural Calculation processes, under Procedural Calculations to Execute, the selection check boxes behaved inconsistently. 69802 Process Manager In a mapping table, typing a number with leading zeroes and then moving to another cell would cause the leading zeroes to disappear. 67643 Process Manager In an Infoflex process with a large number of member combinations, clicking Check Impact showed 1 or 0 for the number of combinations. 63982 Process Manager In an Infoflex process, when using named sets for the Time dimension, in the Source data aggregation option drop-down, Copy between time members was not available. 66734 Process Manager In an Infoflex process, when using named sets for the Version dimension, in the Source data aggregation option drop-down, Copy between time members was not available. 80452 Process Manager The Native SQL Data process would timeout if running a Stored Procedure that took 20 minutes. 67597 Security Manager Though a user's access to a cube was revoked, the user was still able to view the cube's data in Ad Hoc Analysis. 68171 Security Manager When importing users from an external source under a Windows-Authentication-only environment, the message listing the required fields left out UserID. 66457, 70715, 70739, 70818 Security Manager Unable to export Security Audit Report as Excel file. 68395 Drill Across If the grid had more than 20 columns, the column headers were shown but not the data rows. 67371, 66765, 67747 Drill Across In Drill Across, if the screen Zoom was set to a percentage other 100, the screen jittered. 70147, 70207, 71204 Drill Across An error occurred after switching from BASE to YTD, right-clicking a member combination, and selecting Drill Across. 81481 Drill Across Depending on the number of records returned, timeout errors occurred. 68608 Drill Across Numeric formatting for commas and decimals was inconsistent. 69961 Line Item Schedules The Description header failed to appear in the schedule. 68101 Workflow The automatic submission of overdue tasks was not working. 68103, 68237, 71157 Workflow Enabling the Approvers can edit option resulted in an error when an Approver clicked a workflow task. 56554, 60196, 62795, 60193 Dashboards While running a dashboard, clicking data in a chart did not drill down to the expected account.